Eat healthy and reach your goal thanks to some of my favorite healthy recipes !

Healthy Pancakes

6 Egg whites + 100g wheat or oat flour + 2tbs peanut butter + 50ml milk 

Spread coconut oil on the pan & put all ingredients. When done you can add nuts and peanut butter or dark chocolate spread !

Low Sugar Oatmeal

Oats + milk (almond or hazelnut) + blueberries bananas + 1tbs peanut butter

Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken + mixed salad (lettuce tomatoes and cucumbers)

Rice Cakes Quick Snack

A quick fun healthy snack, simply rice Cakes with cheese tomatoes olives or any of your favorite toppings!


3 Whole eggs + 2 egg whites + cucumber & Tomatoes + 1tbs olive oil or coconut oil

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