The First Fat-loss Course


Learn the secret method to lose fat in 1-Day

I’m determined to help you lose weight & fat with this simple method

Let me teach you the secrets of creating your own Caloric Deficit

Stop trying every diet out there and Learn by yourself ↓

The reason why you are not losing weight and fat is because you are not on a Caloric Deficit !

What’s in this Course?

» A quick 1-Day course to teach you how to create your Caloric Deficit

» Easy to understand for any fitness or nutrition level

» One-time purchase & lifetime access to all the videos and the community

» Real life examples of how to create your own diet

» Direct contact with your coach anytime via email for your questions and inquiries

» 100% Money back guarantee if you don’t see results after applying this method ! 


What do you get from this Course?

» Guarantee to achieve results in the first weeks

» Keep enjoying the foods you like

» Keep your results on the Long-Term

» Stop being dependent on coaches and apps









Why Choose me ?

I have dedicated the last 12 years to help my clients reach their fitness goals, and I made fat-loss my field of expertise.

I see many people trying hundreds of fancy diets and exercises to lose fat but not reaching results.

My goal is to give you the secret key that will help you finally lose weight and fat for life.

“The method that Coach Abdo explains is very simple and easy to apply. I control my eating and I lost a lot of weight 🤩 Thank you coach”


“This method taught me how to create a diet plan for myself 😍 I still eat everything I love and I lost the kilos I wanted to lose for a long time🤩”


“I have never regretted trusting coach Abdo because he helped me understand calories and prepare a meal plan by myself.”


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